Network Status

Harbour Exchange Router No reported issues 0.08 seconds
PH Pulsant No reported issues 0.08 seconds
Poundhost Portal No reported issues 0.15 seconds
Telehouse Router No reported issues 0.08 seconds

This status page is updated every 5 minutes. Hover your mouse over the images to see a brief description. In the event of a partial or complete network outage, please contact us by telephone: 01628 621 659


This website was developed to provide a service status overview for PoundHost's customers and others. The server is hosted in the USA, so is geographically separate from both our UK datacentres and our network infrastructure.

There is an XML feed listing the current (5 minute) service checks. We also offer an RSS feed of our service announcements; both of which are freely available to customers and anyone else who would find them useful.

We are currently looking at setting up multiple monitoring nodes inside and outside the network.